Ability to add a dynamic slider in Webflow CMS

It’s possible to make CMS in Slider?

Like getting the image and title of Blog Post and using on the slider.

Thanks guys.


Hello @Fellipe_Abreu!

If you want that latest posts automatically been showing in such slider it is not possible yet. For now you can only manually do this.



This kind of functionality is really important to making my clients happy with using the CMS. Can you tell us if this is in the roadmap for improvements to the Webflow CMS?

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Hey @bsetter, it’s absolutely on the roadmap!

We were unfortunately not able to ship this with the first version of the CMS, but we’ll be working on making most of our components dynamic in the future (including sliders, lightboxes, maps, embed scripts, etc). Just a matter of time :smile:


Ok awesome! As long as I can reassure my clients its coming. Is there any indication at all on timing for these things? Or a public view of the roadmap?

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@bsetter Unfortunately nothing concrete. It’s really (really) hard to get timing right in software, especially since we’re pushing the limits of what’s possible in a browser-based design tool :confused: – one thing I can say though is that dynamic components are very (very) high on the list of priorities for us :grimacing:


You can, at least, i did it today. It’s a bit of a hack, but this is how you do it:

  1. Make a div to put in your slider
  2. Insert a slider
  3. Insert a dynamic list into the first slide
  4. Select a collection to get images from, set layout to full width, and restrict the item to display start item 1, limit to item 1.
  5. Set background of that slide to a picture, but don’t upload any (you’ll get the standard background cover). And set picture to cover, align center, and non-repeat.
  6. On your dynamic item, specify min-width, and overflow: hidden.
  7. Delete slide 2 from your slider. Copy & Paste slide one as much as you want slided
  8. Restrict slide 2 to use dynamic list item 2, slide 3 to use only item 3 etc.
  9. Et voila, there you have your slider with dynamic content. This is the structure:

Good luck.


Good to hear this is on the horizon, for the future. I will stop trying to make a workaround and just wait because I really am just wasting hours of time. Being able to do this with the CMS will be a huge coup. Wordpress is not intuitive to change for clients and to be able to offer an alternative just as powerful but easier to use would be great. Right now I will stick to making the dynamic content more text and form based. With the hope sometime in the nearish future to be able to offer an update with more advanced functionality specifically for lightboxes, photo and video.

Great to hear that its very very high on the priorities! Are we talking days, weeks, months, or year? Any update on progress?


I’d like to make my portfolio with Webflow, and the lack of dynamic sliders is a bit of a mare.

Throwing my lot in the hat voting for the dynamically fed sliders.


Diu thank you for the step by step I used it earlier. I wanted to create a slider that showed homes that where already sold. All i did different was on step (8) above I limit each slider to show properties that were sold using a switch for filtering and show each property progressively starting at 1,2,3,… Oh i used the same image more than once but you can change it to whatever you like.

Here is the link


Hope this helps someone.

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Oh, please, I need that dynamic slider, too.

I’ll try Diu’s workaround in the meantime.

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Maybe it would make more sense to have a module in the database entries that allows you to drop multiple images into it? Like a dropbox. Then sliders, lightboxes and whatever else could pull images from it.

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This would definitely add value to the CMS option.

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@MrCannon Hey man, can you please re publish this link? would love to see it in action

Here you go Daniel


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This work around worked perfectly for me! Thank you!


Hi Diu,

I was able to make the slider. Thank you! But how would clients be able to add or remove slides in the Editor?

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That will not be possible. Client will have to contact designer for changes to non-CMS components.

there is a workaround using .js @SidneyOttelohe posted it in tips and tricks it works well,

you can just add content to the CMS and voila new slide