Dynamic Sliders

There have been a few post on this subject with Design Help and Micky mouse work arounds but nothing that is truly integrated in the Webflow system.

I have had a plethora of request and instances where a Dynamic slider would be great… IE testimonial sliders, Random Blog Post slider, service slider, and such…

I would like to officially request a dynamic slider.

I too would like to request a dynamic slider.

In the meantime, does anyone knows of any external 3rd party providers, where I could build a slider and then cut and paste the code into my website?

Many thanks

Wishlist - backlog

See this wishlist by popular (Very popular req: Look at page 2):


When? Wait for ofiicial Answer

By custom code

Anyway, for now, you could add custom JS/CSS (swiper -or- slick) - I work with swiper.js WORKS LIKE MAGIC :slight_smile:

Maybe I will add a tutorial about this swiper & CMS (Very useful with endless options).

-or- use slick (simple/easier VS swiper)

that would be great.

Hi Jeff,

Just flagging these two posts from earlier today, which may be of interest to you: