Dynamic CMS Slider w/ Multi-Image Thumbnails for Ecommerce

Hello All,

Could you tell me how I could take the concept of Collections and apply it to Multi-Image w Thumbnail. Like this:

I have tried:

Using a Slider

Using CMS lightbox

Using Pagination

Using JS:

Nothing seems to work…

Basically, I want my user to click a product thumbnail (from a Multi-Image Collection) and have that clicked image reveal itself in a larger div. Like the picture above BUT not a lightbox.

I hope that makes sense?

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Hello, were there any updates on this? Looking for a solution as well.

Something like this? Pricing: Choose the plan that best fits your needs | Udesly.com

Up, need to make a slider connect to a multi-image field too

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I can’t believe this does not exist in webflow… its sheer madness. Despite what webflow devs think of gallery sliders and carousels, they should look past their prejudices towards them and enable us to implement it through the multi-image field… rubbish, this is my first and last project using webflow.


Is this still not doable in WF?!

So far I haven’t been able to make this work or to find a workaround.
If CMS e-commerce is offered by Webflow how can this not be addressed by WF, how can it be so difficult? This could turn off a lot of potential users.

Or is it just me?
Has anyone be able to find a solution for this?
If so, please share!

Yes, Tullio, this is exactly it.
I cloned this and interestingly enough, the thumbnail/feature image swap doesn’t work.
Looks like the cloneable project for Webflow comes without the script/code. I’m assuming the script is only accessible via Udesly subscription (which starts at $45/month).
Most Webflow users who paid for a subscription assuming their CMS and e-commerce solutions would make it relatively easy to create this kind of slider/lightbox may not be ready to drop 45/mt. for yet another subscription.

Hey Rapha! Yes, this tool is included in our paid plan. You have to copy and paste the magic script into your Webflow project to have everything working correctly. The Resources plan price is $49/YEAR (not month).

Ok. Thank you, Tullio!
I have to think about that.
Looks like the 49/y plan includes all your WF Resources (but no templates), correct?
What’s the support situation? Can I get unlimited, 24/7 immediate support, and if necessary a walkthrough in case I get stuck with function, styling, implementation of one of your resources?

Maybe you don’t feel comfortable to discuss sales here, and maybe the forum isn’t the right place for that. I’ll PM you.


I sent you a message.
Can you please get back to me?

Is there anyone here who got Tullio’s Udesly solution (see conversation above) to work for them for a similar e-commerce CMS slider?
Would you mind sharing? Thanks!

Hi Rapha, sorry for the delay, but this is not the right place to get support on our paid products. Could you please use our Help Center? Our developers will help you from there. Thanks!

Creating a slider or carousel is possible in Webflow. We have created it for multiple clients around the world. We use either Slick or Splide based on requirements.


well how do i implement it on my project, got no basic about web code etc ( HTML,css, js)
can you help me to find the guide man?

already check it, and its amazing. well how do i implement it on my project, got no basic about web code etc ( HTML,css, js)
can you help me to find the guide man?

Crazy, this still doesn’t exist?!

I will write a blog if you are interested. Can help with that.

Hi Veer,
Did you ever write a blog post about creating a Splide thumbnail carousel in Webflow?

I used a Splide clone of a standard carousel with dots on my homepage. However, we are all trying to make E-Commerce product pages. (using Webflow CMS)

I just saw a post on Upwork where they have a thumbnail carousel, and they needed help connecting it to their variant options.

“Webflow/Shopify Product Image Slider Fix”

I am trying to do both! Any help would be appreciated.



hey peeps! does anyone know if there’s any updates on this? I find it strange that there is no ‘easy’ way to have an image carousel on product pages.

if anyone has found a workaround please let me know! appreciate the help


This video about lightboxes probably isn’t exactly what people are looking for. But it’s a step in the right direction. I hope it helps!