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Dynamic Slider in Webflow?

So I really need a way to get a Slider on my site using dynamic content. I saw this had been solved in the past but the demo link is dead… Does anyone else know how to accomplish this? I know they are working on this for there next big update, but that could be months or longer. Has anyone else solved this? Thanks! I really appreciate the helpfulness of this community :slight_smile:

I’ve achieved this using a dynamic list inside of each slide with a filter or limit set. Ex. Filter - slide number equals 2 (from collection field) or Ex. Limit - start at 1, limit to 1 for slide 1, start at 2, limit to 1… It’s not perfect and ideally the CMS will have a dynamic slider built in soon, but this is working for a few clients at the moment.

Thanks DigitalCrusader, I was currently working on this, but I was having a hard time with the image filling the entire slide. It’d really like to achieve something as if there was a background cover image, but instead I’m stuck with the image only covering a portion of the slider.

If you’ll navigate to the homepage locations template page and select “Rio Grande” in the items. It’s the 3rd slide. Thanks again for your help!
If I could get the image to fill the frame I could live with that until the dynamic slider widget is built.

No worries!

A slider on a dynamic template page is a bit different but seems like south lamar slide 1 is working and just need to dynamically link the other slides.

Tip: You don’t need to upload an actual background image but rather style it first: cover, no tile and link the background image in the settings panel like you’ve already done. Once you have uploaded all 3 images per location you’ll be set.

Oh man! Thanks. Yeah that’s what I was doing wrong. I was trying to get the image to source to the collection, but really i needed to put in a blank, set the background image dynamically instead. You were right. Thanks again!

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