Testimonials using CMS?

Is it possible to create a testimonial slider using webflow CMS? my clients want to be able to add their own testimonials themselves.


I assume this isn’t possible yet?

No. You can find this feature on webflow wishlist:

You can use ideas like this (see Diu post)(not perfect beacuse the client dont have option to add/remove slides from the CMS panel):

my idea:

Maybe try to combine slick-slider with webflow

  • Cons: You will see this slider “live” only on publish mode (live html). Learning curve (if you dont know well JS/CSS).
  • Pros: slick well docs. Works nice. Easy to use plugin
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I use jquery cycle JS. for this. You are creating a dynamic slider. Full convo about creating a dynamic slider here. It does exactly what you need becauce slides can be images, testimonials ect. It’s not native to Webflow yet though.


Hi, did you combined slick-slider with Webflow?

I’ve combined Slick slide with Webflow on my site. It does have a learning curve but the documentation is very comprehensive.

You can find my site below and I’ve linked to the section with the slider.

I also kept a clone of a community site someone made of how the Webflow template page was put together with Slick.js. To find this and inspect the code, follow this link

As an alternative, you could also try Flickty.js, which is equal to slick.js.

If you’d like any help, let me know.


Thanks a lot!!! I"ll check it out!

Bro, I tried… And tried…
I did exactly like in your example.
It doesn’t work :frowning:

Hi everyone!
There’s a similar plugin by our team: https://elfsight.com/instagram-testimonials-widget/ (on the page you will find an online demo). This is a cool app to achieve better trust of your business among the customers, this app uses reviews from your clients (or you can write them yourself :wink:) in Instagram and show them as customers’ testimonials.

If you got interested, see the installation guide: https://elfsight.com/help/how-to-add-instagram-testimonials-widget-to-webflow/. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.
Hope it will help someone!


Hey Matty

This is Jane from EmbedSocial.

I am following up with you in regards to your question for the possibility to create a testimonial slider using Webflow CMS.

We have a product EmbedReviews that integrates well with Webflow and allows you to create testimonial sliders.

We wrote a blog pose and there is a short 1:07 min video where we walk you through the process. Very simple, easy & beautiful. Here is the link:

Let me know if there is anything else we can do for you.

Good luck & happy embedding :slight_smile:

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