Ability to add a dynamic slider in Webflow CMS

Hoping to hear some great news on this front soon! It’s been some time… :slight_smile:

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Any updates on this topic? Totally wanting more dynamic components! :grimacing:

I am waiting dynamic sliders too. Especially being able to change slide amount dynamically according to the post is what I need. By using conditional visibility.

YES! Webflow please give us an update here!

Here too. Editabel image sliders!

I’m just diving into webflow and have been finding a lot of limitations. Hmmmm, I hate Wordpress and was hoping to find a great alternative in WF…

Please - an update please!!! Having a dynamic slider is fairly basic and it’s been more than a year waiting for any type of an update!!

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It seems that the solution posted does not work (not on the published page in either Chrome or Safari though…)

dang! all those nice components with no CMS tie in :frowning:

I used it here on this site http://tweetshoppe.com/baking/cakes the slider is dynamic.

here is the share link


I also used it here

this one might be easier to follow.

The slider on the page is dyanmic