Dynamic CMS Slider </HELP>

I am trying to no avail to create a dynamic CMS slider in order to have images from a “multi-image” CMS field populate content onto a CMS page slider.

The end-goal is to recreate this page:

This [hopefully] will allow me to create NEW CMS items that will auto-populate content onto corresponding CMS pages…

Dummy Content:

Only by custom code (should be simple).

Example of lightbox plugin (fancybox3):

You need ± to do the same steps (add assets — add html + install) - with javascript slider plugin (first create codepen and learn the plugin).

Some plugins: Swiper, owl, lightslider, flickity.

Slider of photos open in lightbox is more complex (easier to create clickable slider - and card go to inner page with gallery)

@Siton_Systems im not sure im following you, are you saying the only way to create this system is with custom code. I do not want to use light boxes

Yes. For now - no CMS Slider.

Vote for this wishlist idea cms slider:

Or use this idea (Pagination):


Another option is to use webflow slider and manually limit the slides content:

  • slide1 - collection start at 1 show 1
  • slide2 - collection start at 2 show 1

(Tidy but will work):

Custom code example

I create guide for owlcarousel2 (Same idea ± for other plugins):

may want to check this out