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500 Post CMS Limit?

Hey guys,

A music blog that I help run has recently hit the 500 post limit on Webflow. This wasn’t actually something that was made clear enough when we were deciding on a platform to work on and we would have gone with a different cms like Wordpress or Squarespace if we had know there was a limit then.

Before I attempt to export all of the posts and migrate over to a different platform altogether I wanted to ask if anyone has found a work around for this? We can’t start deleting old posts as a lot of articles will often link back to older ones (ie. a band that we featured early on now becoming popular etc.)

Webflow want us to pay an extra $10 a month for another 500 posts but I feel that crazy considering platforms like Wordpress and Squarespace do not have a limit.

I love Webflow and would like to see it takeover Squarespace, Wordpress etc but this sort of thing is really putting me off and I’m sure will put off other potential users too…

The 500 post limit will change when the new pricing is announced.

Also, see these for other limits:

@samliew When will this new pricing be announced?

Currently making a decision on whether to rebuild a site for a client on Webflow, Squarespace or WordPress. The client has an interest in Webflow and I would really like to give it a go but this limit could be a deal breaker since one of the features of the new site is a blog that multiple people will be contributing to. With 2 or 3 people writing a post the limit of 500 could be hit fairly quickly not even counting any other CMS item we may want to take advantage of. In all honesty, this is the type of thing that has a virtual “unlimited” entries attached to it.

Hopefully a new reasonable “limit” will be announced soon so we do not have to pass up on using Webflow.

Quick question, and maybe this is just the way it is worded. Reading the list here ► [LIST] Feature Availability & Limits it says “Max number of items per collection (with CMS hosting): 500 (every additional 500 items can be requested for $10/month)”

So does that mean if I have a collection called “blogone” it can have up to 500 entries and then if I have a collection named “blogtwo” it can have another 500 entries? Or is it worded in a misleading way and what it really means is 500 total items across all collections?

its 500 total items across all collections

@Dammacx I’m a big fan of Webflow but if you’re planning on a blog or magazine type site I can’t recommend Webflow due to the 500 post limit. Squarespace or Wordpress would work fine.

@PixelGeek @samliew

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Since the new pricing is announced, what is the new post limit? A more comfortable 20,000? Or unlimited? I wish there was a proper explanation as to why there is a limit to begin with. It seems like the Webflow devs have decided to sacrifice lots of usability to maintain really fast site loading times for everyone. It makes me wonder how good the servers actually are with all these limitations. More questions are risen when you consider the fact that the only file uploading allowed is images. I would much rather have zero limits on anything and pay/charge extra for another company to host sites.

The limitations of Webflow will quickly slow its growth. It’s obvious that Webflow has grown a lot since the introduction of the CMS, but either the development is not fast enough or the focus is misunderstood by newcomers to Webflow and therefore a huge audience is finding development in the wrong areas. From what I can tell, full CMS integration with the remaining components (sliders, etc) and support for more CSS customization outside of what the UI currently supports (custom HTML widgets and CSS in the site head/footer or page head/footer are poor excuses for not providing an easier way to add custom styling - this gets messy, confusing, annoying) are critical for Webflow to continue growing.

Professionals and amateurs can both use Webflow, but what sets it apart so much is the amount of freedom and intuitive user experience compared to other editors. Among all though, the limitations are becoming a huge burden. It’s almost like saying, “the majority of consumers don’t need gigabit internet speeds”. Yes, the majority do not, but if you want to keep your audience growing and revolutionize the web, these limitations need to stop. Limitations always inhibit growth of oneself and others. The internet couldn’t be what it is now if all of America were still on dial-up. It’s only the fast speeds we now have that can help it grow.

And I like how Webflow’s own website has no limit. C’mon, it’s clearly possible.

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CMS hosting purchased after 19th Dec 2016 ($20) comes with 2000 collection items total (across all collections).

Business hosting, 10,000

See “Compare Hosting” section on