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CMS Migration help/limits

Hi, everyone.

I’ve contacted Webflow support a couple of times and have yet to receive a response, so I thought I’d ask here.

My company went through a website redesign. Our current live site, and new site in staging, are both via Webflow.

I exported our blog list from the CMS on the live site, and I want to upload it to the staged site. However, when I try to do this, I get a popup message saying we are limited to 50 posts.

I wanted to know if there is a workaround to this issue. Ideally, we would like to import the blog posts from our old site to the new, without 1) being limited to the 50 post limit, 2) without having to have two paid hosted sites on Webflow at once, and 3) without having to have our new site go live and no longer being in the staging process.

Any insight?

Hosting fees are what they are: in order to lift the limitations on one site, you have to start paying for the hosting. Considering how long you should stay in that stateof having to py for both sites, it shouldn’t represent a high cost at all… we must be talinking about one or two months of staging without limits, right? Which must be around 40. I’d say it is very reasonable.

But it looks like you think that as soon as youpay you can’t be in staging anymore, which isn’t true. You pay to lift the limitations. Yu’re not forced to link your domain, at all. Actually, “staging” is only vocabulary. It’s a hosting on .io subdomain, not more, not less. Nothingforces you to link your domain and abandon your prvious site right away.

Pay for the hosting, which lifts the limitations, finish your development at your pace, then when ready link yourdomainto the new site and cancel the hosting on the previous site.

Awesome, thank you. I thought once we paid to lift the limitations, we would be live.