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X50 limit on my blog

I’m currently on CMS hosting for a clients website and have a CMS collection with just x50 entries. I can’t add more without (supposedly) upgrading to Business Hosting. Surely that’s not correct? It’s just a super basic blog with x50 stories.


Here is my public share link:
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50 is the limit of Enhanced Staging, which you may beneficiate if you have an Account plan. So are you sure you’re even paying for a CMS Site plan yet? CMS Site Plan limit is 2000 items.

Either this, or either a bug.

It’s on a paid hosting plan with CMS hosting. I thought it was strange myself as surely the limit wouldn’t be set so low. I have an idea what might of caused it if its a bug - I initially tried to import a CSV into the Collection since I’m rebuilding an old Wordpress site. The import was terrible so I deleted all items and started to input manually. I have a feeling that although it states x50 items it THINKS there’s far more. I’ll contact support. Cheers!

It was a bug! WF support sorted it for me :slight_smile:

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