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Does CMS have a limit

Does CMS have a limit when you are adding items to a collection in Lite Account Plan.

Yes. All account plans have a CMS item limit of 50 items. However, if you add a site plan to the project, then it is lifted based on the plan:

CMS = 2,000 items
Business = 10,000 items

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Does that mean:

1 Collection > only can have 2,000 item?

Meaning if let say i only have a blog post collection, inside only limit 2,000 blogs?

In the example given an item would represent a Post, so 2000 posts.

It’s fairly easy to add more, if needed, as well.

Cant find the pricing for adding the extra cms items, Do you maybe have a link? or know how much it costs?

You can’t add extra CMS items (I tried asking Webflow directly, they said no).

And you really wouldn’t want more right now either - the editor and designer completely breaks when having 5-6000 items. Performance tanks if you have a lot of stuff. Webflow is not the platform you want to use if you have a big blog, news site etc.

Unfortunately we didn’t find out about these problems until we were finished with our site (Webflow says on their homepage that importing a blog with “thousands” of posts is no problem) and imported our old database (which is when things went south), so we’re stuck until either Webflow fixes the performance issues or we make yet another new site somewhere else.

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Wow, that’s a real bummer. Thanks for the info!

I must say, also 50 items for the lite account plan is also a bit of a hindrance when developing even small projects for clients.

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Hello Jeff,

Does it mean that for each collection list I can have 2,000 items? Let’s say I have 2 collections, blog and portfolio, so in total I can have 2,000 items for each collections? Or is the 2,000 items counted for all?



It is the total amount of collection items on the CMS plan. You can upgrade and get up to 10,000 total. That is a hard ceiling.