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Hitting the CMS limit means quitting Webflow

So it seems I can’t use Webflow after all. My website has too many blog posts and the 10 000 CMS/database limit hinders any import of my old database. Having a site that multiple people work on means you really can’t have a blog on the platform. What a shame, surely this is turning people away from it.

Anyone else in the same boat? It just seems like such a weird thing to have to quit over - a moderate amount of database entries. The guys behind it can cite the need for caching as much as they want, it still doesn’t mean I can post any more blog updates to my site. I don’t know of any other platform with these restrictions?

Yes, I was 98% of the way there to buying webflow, even considering workarounds for the lack of membership, and requirement to send out emails to registered users…then I discovered this, and did a quick calculation.
The existing airtable database which I was planning to import is already at the threshold. Anything more than a brochure-ware site with meta-data will surely reach this limitations sooner rather than later.
A pity. I am now off to learn!

And yes, the limits in Webflow are really a pain in the ass – before starting seriously working with it, I was off. But wait: What about a rethink and diving in a little bit deeper? Now I have a perfect working solution: Webflow for the frontend, with all its benefits, Xano as powerfull data base in the back (with unlimited records), connected via API, and Ecwid as shopping cart solution (with the same API strategy). The bottom line? Freedom! No limits in Design (Webflow), Data base (you can do almost everything in Xano… or Airtable or Infinity, if you prefer one of theses…). James