Zapier + Webflow CMS


I’m trying to set up an event in Zapier that is triggered when a collection item is published in Webflow.

I have built a membership using Webflow’s Membership product. I’m trying to set things up so that an email is automatically sent to members any time a new blog post is published.

Unfortunately, it seems that the only events Zapier integration with Webflow supports are form submissions and order updates. I don’t see anything for Collection Items.

Has anyone run into this in the past? If so, is there an easy work around?

Hi there…

That has frustrated me for years. I’ve come to the realization that Zapier will never update this.

So… the workaround is to use Webhooks.

  1. When a new membership is created, trigger that Webhook to send a message into Zapier.

  2. Zapier receives that with the email address of the newly signed up Member.

  3. Zapier sends that newly signed up Members email into your email software.

  4. Trigger a broadcast email from your email software to all subscribers for every new blog post.

You can get more detailed with this workflow, that’s just a high-level overview. For example, have a checkbox on Membership signup to join the newsletter. Only add Members that have accepted the invite, etc…

For the Webhooks setup…

  • For Zapier, setup a “Webhooks by Zapier” zap, and the URL that they provide is what you stick into the “Destination URL” field for the tool above.

  • Set your “Webflow Webhook Trigger” to membership account added, or whatever works best for you:

  • And then grab your API key.

Now every new Membership created will send that info into Zapier for you.

Hope that helps!