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Using Webflow CMS to trigger emails (with Zapier)


We help advertise events on our website ( We add events to our CMS and these appear on the relevant page.

However, I now want to be able to send automated emails with a payment link to those businesses hosting events which we’ve added to our CMS.

Essentially what I want is:

CMS item added > added to google sheet (or something similar) > set up payment link (e.g. using Stripe) > trigger email with payment link > if payment is made an update is made to the CMS item (e.g. ‘business has made’ which can then automatically affect its visibility on the site using conditional visibility).

The google sheet part may not be necessary.

Looking at Zapier it seems adding an item to a CMS cannot trigger a Zap. This is super annoying as it’s the only thing I need to make this work!

Does anyone have a work-around?

This is totally doable.

Setup a “Webhooks by Zapier” zap. This will give you a URL. Take that URL and create a Webhook in Webflow.

Now…when you create a new Item in your Webflow CMS, Webflow will send that info to the webhook URL, which lands at Zapier and you’re off and running! :sunglasses:

Thanks for your response!

is it possible to take me through the steps (or show me where I can get more help)? For example, I’m not sure if I should select ‘catch hook’ or ‘catch raw hook’?

I’ve tried the CMS API documentation which has just confused me unfortunately.

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Hmmm…I’m not aware of anything I can point you too, off hand :thinking:

Let me see if I can whip something together as a “quick walk through”. I can’t make any promises but if you don’t see a reply within a week, please remind me!

I would really appreciate that! I think a video walk-through on this topic would be very useful for future users too. Very easy to trigger a zap using a form submission but not after adding a CMS item. Perhaps something that @webflow team could work on too! Improving the functionality of Zapier would make Webflow even more exciting and dynamic :slight_smile:

Thank you very much!


For the sake of completeness… and in all honesty, the guilt I have for actually creating some resources to answer Abdul’s question but then never following up and posting them here are some resources that I’ve since created :man_facepalming:t3:

:arrow_up: This walk through will fix this problem :arrow_down:

…and here are a few more related walk throughs (also using Integromat):

:beer: Cheers!