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Can a mailing list email subscribers when a new CMS post is published?

Hopefully this is the right place to ask this!

I was looking at Mailchimp for making a signup form, with my aim being to collect email addresses and then automatically send out an email to subscribers when I post a new CMS article.

Is this something that Webflow supports, and if so, can someone explain the steps to do so? I saw the generic Mailchimp signup form tutorial but it doesn’t mention CMS integration/emailing for new articles.

Thanks in advance!

@RobJDR - There’s not a direct integration between webflow and mailchimp. There is a third party service called Zapier, That connects both through their respective application programming interfaces (API). Zapier has triggers that support adding a subscriber to a list when a form is filled out, and many others. Currently there is no trigger to send a campaign on cms item save.

I don’t think that this is an oversight, since with email campaigns, there are usually personalization options, list segmentation, and formatting of content for email clients.

Anytime that two systems have API’s that support the features needed, you can always custom build it. That however, is not trivial.

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That’s what I was afraid of… I currently use Zapier for automating social media.

How do other people automatically send out emails for their Webflow sites to their mailing lists when there is new content, then? Do they do it manually? Surely there must be an easier way!