Membership Beta & Zapier

Can anyone share how to use Zapier to find the Membership Beta Sign-up form? Zapier does not see it.

Unless someone else can correct me, you have to submit the form directly to Webflow so they can handle the user login / signups for you.

That said, they make available a Webhook for this:


That should get you what you need.

Actually, I’m connecting Memberships Beta using the Webflow CMS API Reference. However, when I tried to communicate with the member database using Webhook Events/ memberships_user_account_added this is the error.

I think this is because for now, Membership Beta doesn’t include a Member ID in the same way that Collection ID automatically creates an id for each Collection.

Finally, I think that one great new functionality of Webflow Membership would be that each time a new user signup WebFlow will create a unique and new user id automatically.

@redagent Did you connect Zapier with Membership Beta Sign-up form?

They do. You can see & gain access to it if you use the Webflow Logic feature.

Hey @ChrisDrit!! Do you know how can I get the user id? I have access to Membership and Logic features and I’m trying to get the user id of the current user. I’ve searched everywhere how to do it but I haven’t found it. Can you help me with that?

Sure thing @Renata_Walker.

Hopefully they’ll make this simpler in the future, but here’s one approach…

Send an invitation from Logic using their action:

Notice the output of that action includes the new user id:

Create a new CMS item and populate a field with that user id:

Find it in your new CMS item:

Hope that helps!

Thanks @ChrisDrit

Actually, I get it! I’m using a webhook I created, the webhook is triggered with memberships_user_account_added or memberships_user_account_updated (WebFlow API), and using integromat (Make) I’m sending all the data to Airtable.

Now I’m trying to update my database when the user email is verified but I don’t see that Weebhook event on WebFlow API.

Link to create the webhook:

Thanks a lot for the process that you share! It’s another option.

Nice! :clap:

That should be on the Webhook trigger you are already using:

Is that not being triggered on email verification for you?

Side Note: @Renata_Walker, @MarceloBG’s approach is another very excellent way of getting access to that user id!

Yes, I have the data when a new user is created.

The problem is I can’t find where the verification page is created when the user clicks on Activate Account (Email link).

Because WebFlow API Memberships Beta Triggers:

memberships_user_account_added : Triggers when a new account is created (From Signup Page).

memberships_user_account_updated: Triggers when the user updates his account (data on User Account Page -Membership Beta)

The other option will be using WebFlow Logic to create a condition but the problem is the trigger. This should be the click on the activation but I can’t control that page: