Using Zapier, webhooks and CMS API for Integration

I’m in need of some guidance! I’m looking to take a newly published CMS item, then push it out via Hootsuite to a variety of social media sites (like our intranet and company LinkedIn and Facebook pages). Using Hootsuite for shortening the URLs, tracking clicks, and timing the publishing of the items to peak usage times.

The easiest way to do this would be though Zapier, but there is no Webflow trigger for new CMS items, just triggers for New Orders, Updated Orders and Form Submissions.

To workaround it, I tried to use a Webhook for Webflow Site_Publish, but all that gives me is the siteid and the timestamp of the publish.

I was thinking of the following workaround, but I can’t get it to work.

  1. Webflow fires site_publish webhook which Zapier catches
  2. Zapier does a GET webflow collections using the site id and timestamp
  3. Zapier Parses the collections looking for the timestamp that matches the site_publish
  4. Zapier does a GET for the items in the updated collection
  5. Zapier parses the items looking for the timestamp that matches the site_publish
  6. Zapier does a GET for the item

I think this might work, but I’m getting an error on the 2nd step about a missing API version.

Any thoughts?

Thank you!!!