Automatically send notification for new CMS elements (blogs)

Hey :wave:

I’m trying to set up an integration to send a message on slack or post on twitter automatically whenever I publish a new blog in the Webflow CMS. We use Zapier but it doesn’t seem to have this functionality, any clue or experience in doing this?

Pipedream has this functionality

Oh that’s awesome can you guide me to where it is I cant seem to find it.

You have to set New collection item as trigger

and as step you can use send direct message or any different slack action

Awesome thank you so much!

Hi @Nezar_Mansour :wave: welcome!

Looks like you’ve already received some excellent feedback, but here’s another option.

Make (Integromat) is a popular replacement for Zapier with an ample free version. It’ll give you what you need as well.

They have a concept called “Blueprints” which is an exportable file of your setup that anyone else can import.

Here’s the one I created in the screenshot above.

You can download that and import it into a new scenario (“Scenario” is what Make terms as a “Zap” in Zapier):

…and here’s the share link to my test Webflow Project if you want to test it all our right quick.

But setting it up yourself is fairly simple too, here’s a quick walk through:

Create a new Make Scenario (“Zap”) and search for “Webflow”.

Choose the “Watch Events” option.

Set it up as I’ve shown in the screenshot above.

Tap the “add another module button” (it’s the plus sign that shows up when hovering over the Webflow module).

Search for and select Slack.

Choose “Create a Message”

Connect your Slack account.

…and add your newly created CMS item to a new Slack message.

Hope that helps!