Zapier to Webflow CMS Rich Text Field – Ignores Newline Formatting

Hey guys.

When I send multi-line text to Webflow CMS rich text field through Zapier, it renders like it should in the CMS field but it always makes it into one long sentence on the live site. I tried using Zapier formatting options for Markdown to HTML and vice-versa, but no matter what, it spits it out as a sentence. See screenshots attached.

The weird thing is if I go into the CMS manually and press “Enter” once, all line items then show properly on the live site. I’m trying to create a job board and I can’t do this every time for every post so I could really use some help here.

I am having the same issue, @Chavez_Procope

Did you manage to solve this?

I also have this, though i’m also missing specific paragraphs.
<p>first text here is missing<br />\r\nthis text is visible</p>\r\n<p>this is invisible again.</p>

PS. im using Integromat for this, but i think it’s fairly the same.

PS. i’ve isolated the problem to be related to the <br> (and <br /> and <br></br>). But haven’t found a solution yet.

Update: The text is in de Webflow CMS, but i can not see it in the editor?
Both in the CMS as in the live-editor, some parts (not always strangely) are hidden when br’s are used. Very weird behavior that has cost me almost 4 hours to figure out.

I’m having the exact same issue. Not sure what to do

I fixed this by adding a Formatter step in Zapier to convert the markdown to HTML.

Hi, I’m having the exact same problem. Text coming from Zapier, in a normal text field or a rich text field never takes into account the line breaks, even if I use the Formatter to convert the markdown to HTML.

And as @Chavez_Procope said, what is really weird is that if you make any change in the CMS, it takes the line breaks into account! Even if I simply change a word from H1 to H2 for example. As if the information was there, but Webflow needs a little kick in the machine to wake up and see it.

Does anybody have a solution to this?

My read-only link: Webflow - Hugo Décrypte

Looks like an issue related to this as well, and it was never fixed Zapier Youtube to Webflow CMS url don't work - #2 by samliew

For some reason Webflow’s CMS screws the links and paragraph breaks when they are sent via Zapier. Making a slightest edit to the link or text and saving the item again fixes the issue, which of course is not a solution, because it undermines the idea of automation.

I have been waiting for a fix for this since 2015, especially for youtube video walls we design for our clients.