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Zapier text import - formatting issue

I’m passing text from Zapier to Webflow. It’s basically text thats formate to it’s own line by an enter (line break) like this:


^ text correctly formatted in the editor

^ same text in the designer (formats all into one line)

In the CMS post editor the line breaks shows up, but in the designer it gets displayed as one single line of text. However, IF I mess with the text in the editor, for example, turn it all to header 1 and then turn it back to a paragraph, then the formatting gets applied in the designer as well.

Project link:

This is really a big roadblock for me any help would be truly appreciated.

Hi @MadeByMarius - Welcome to the forums.

I believe your issue is the CR / LF are not automatically converted to paragraphs or line breaks on import and then are stripped out. The import process accepts basic HTML, so you should format the text as desired before importing it.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you so much! It worked.