Issue with Rich Text not appearing as formatted

Hi! Would love some insight here.
My blog content (housed in Google Sheets) is being brought into webflow’s rich text via an API (zapier), but somehow the formatting doesn’t look right on the website even though it looks formatted right in both the google sheets, the webflow CMS editor. When I click a little pen icon next to the chunk of text, it formats correctly into paragraphs, but I am unable to save. Has anyone run into this?

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Rich text in different systems can mean completely different things. Webflow supports basic HTML for formatting as rich text content. If the source of your feed into the API is using something not matching what Webflow expects you can get different/unpredictable results.

It is possible with some tools (automation) to normalize content before pushing it into another system. I have not tried to do what you are attempting but that is where I would start.

You might want to look at Zapier Formatter: Automatically format text the way you want | Zapier

Ling my first guess is that your source system is generating HTML with
line breaks rather than paragraph-wrapped.