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How to style rich text fields when receiving data via zapier?

My Webflow CMS is receiving data through zapier (from Filemaker) and I don’t see a way how to display text with bullet points in rich text fields. Sending the text with markdown doesn’t work. Any ideas?
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Hi, did you fix this? I think I’ve found a bug with the rich text field when data arrives from zapier. If you click into the field in the CMS and make any small change then it is all formatted according to the rich text class you apply to it on the front end.

Yes, you need to format the text into markdown with zapier first before sending to Webflow. See attached screenshot. (The text for me still doesn’t show nice in Webflow but I don’t mind since I do edits in another app.)

Hey interested to know the roadblock preventing direct FileMaker to webflow with markdown? Just curious as I was considering some FM<>webflow api use cases.

This worked - thanks!

Never tried that, I used FM gateway and zapier (

Now I use Airtable and Integromat to sync with webflow. (Integromat is much more powerful than zapier but has less app connections - very recommended.)

Hi @Gaudenz_Biveroni, I am trying to do something very similar. Sending data from Zapier to Airtable and then to Webflow. I am losing all the “returns” when it gets to Webflow.

All the text that is supposed to look like this:
-Example 1.
-Example 2.
-Example 3.

Looks like this:
-Example 1. -Example 2. -Example 3.

Do you know what I might be missing? Can I do something in Airtable or before to make it display with some kind of bullets?

I am also using Integromat to get the data from Airtable to Webflow.

Thanks a lot for any help!

EDIT: I skipped the space between the dashes and the “Examples” because the forum makes them into bullets. In my case I do have them.

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Hi @Sebastian_Murillo
Returns are probably done with either double space (markdown) or
(html). You will find info around this on the web. (In your case you need to be sure in which format these apps fields “talk”. Also, maybe you could send data from zapier to webflow and airtable separatly/parallel?)

Else, I am not working with webflow anymore as I moved to (which is awesome btw).

Cool! I use Bubble too sometimes.

I google different alterantives with markdown and html and I just can’t make it work. Strange thing is it does worked once I enter the CMS and hit save… I don’t know why it isn’t displayed as it should right after it is input into the CMS via Integromat.

Yes, I could send the data directly via Zapier but I need to make a validation in Airtable first.

Let me know if you have any more ideas I can try out :pray:. Thanks! @Gaudenz_Biveroni

Sebastian, I have been fighting this issue as well. I think the root cause is a newline character ("\n") getting inserted on the Airtable side and causing some issues. The workaround involves capturing a response from the webflow API that shows these characters and removing them. I made a longer post about it on twitter.

Hey @micah! The post is awesome. I think I stumbled upon it before reading this message and bookmarked it immediatly. Thanks for writing!