Rich text field in CMS shows two paragraphs but on live site theres no breaks

I try type some text with line-breaks into text field with “multiple lines”…
So, this line-break noes not appear into paragraph element by “Inner text settings”.


Same issue for me. Can’t flip the switch to move my site over to the CMS and publish until this one is fixed.

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I have the same problem. Might be a good idea to be able to add these items in a list.

@thesergie Any ideas on this one? Waiting to move everything on our site over to the CMS and launch, but can’t do it until this is figured out. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Hey @nickh @Svetozar and @travrose I need help understanding the problem here. So the Plain Text Field just contains plain text, no formatting - whether it’s single line or multi-line. So when you bind plain text field to a paragraph, that text will be inside of the paragraph. If you want multiple paragraphs I would choose the Rich Text field.

Do you expect to be able to create multiple paragraphs from the plain text field? I think it would be better to restrict formatting options for the rich text field instead.

So the specific example I’m having an issue with is using Rich Text Block for content of a blog post.

I copy and pasted my content and some of the lines are short and I want to add a line break in that content to go and start the next portion on the next line. But once it’s published and live the content does not break and go to the next line it just continues on the same line.

This is what I have Inside the CMS editor adding the content to the blog post.

And this is how it shows up once published on the actual site.

So on the last question the answer is not moving down to the line below the question. Instead it’s staying on the same line.

@nickh that’s really weird! This should not be happening. Can share where you are copying from (if it’s sensitive can you send me a PM) so we can test how well the copy pasting works and then we’ll see how it’s being copied over.

I would also love a screenshot of the html how it looks in your console for the Rich text field in the CMS and the html in the published website.

I am experiencing the exact same problem. Does anyone know what the fix is?

What @nickh was running into was an issue with his paragraph style. He has float:left set on all paragraphs which caused the issue.

@DanUK1 Your issue seems unrelated. Can you create a new issue, make it more clear and delete your comment? Thanks!

@uberwilso Still waiting on responses to my question above since it’s not clear what the problem is here.

@thesergie sure thing, thanks for quick response.

I copy and pasted text into a rich text field for my blog. A few bullet points were put onto the same line and I am unsure how to create a line break.

Attached is an image of the blog in editing and onsite.

editing mode


Hmm this looks like some buggy behavior. Can you PM me a share/preview link so we can look into what’s going on? That would really help us get to the bottom of it

I also hav an issue with this. I want to put in line breaks with the “multiple lines” field.
The example shows my “multiple lines” input field, and what it looks like published.

@Imre can you send me a PM with your preview/share link? That will help us out track this bug down. Thanks!

After some inspecting we found that it’s the same issue. If you make All Paragraphs to be display inline-block, inline or if you add a float then on the live site they will stack next to each other instead of on top of each other.

In the rich text field in the data manager and in the CMS the paragraphs always stack on top of each other (they are display:block by default) so that’s why they will look different if you changed the All Paragraphs style.

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