Problem importing CMS with text fields with line breaks

I’m trying to import a Google Doc as a CSV to create a CMS. It’s for a portfolio website, and all the text elements are in the CSV.

However, some of the text fields have line breaks, for multiple paragraphs. It’s not importing the CMS items with text fields with line breaks.

I don’t want any of these text fields to be imported as Rich Text because of not being able to uniformly format them later, but not sure how the best way to handle this is?

thanks for any input on this.

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Even though you can define a CMS text field as multiline, and enter text with line breaks, and it will remember them… those line breaks are not emitted in data-bound text elements.


Becomes this;

You also run into complexities with handling line breaks in the CSV. Different variations of CSV handle line breaks differently… normally they are a line terminator, so you’d have to do some R&D there to find a Webflow-compatible solution… and you might end up having to go the API route.

I’m not sure what you mean by “uniformly format,” but RTEs are your best option here. You get full control over how your resulting content renders, you solve your line breaks issue, you even get to control things like paragraph break sizes.