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What is the best software to export wordpress blogs and have the richtext look similar in webflow?

I am exporting blogs but the blog post content doesn’t format correctly. The main thing is that when she pressed enter and used a line break they dont register in webflow. Examples below:
This is the correct format in wordpress:

This is what webflow shows when imported:

Let me know if you have a solution. I made a seperate page to try and style the rich text but it doesnt have anything to do with why a new line wont start when she indicated to on wordpress.

Hi Cam,

It looks like your formatting was removed during the transition. Only the bold property kept. All else is gone.
When I do this kind of work, I have 3 methods:

  1. Use google docs between the 2 platforms, to make sure formatting is kept.
  2. Use automation tool to add automated formatting by paragraphs / headings and so on…
  3. When there’s no other option - Manually format in Webflow.

Thanks for this! WHat automation tool do you use for the formatting?

I am a big fan of Integromat :smiley:

Thanks! Is there a tutorial anywhere on the process of doing this?