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Would Love Feedback on my Portfolio site

Hey All,

As soon as I discovered webflow I started making a new portfolio site in it, and after months of designing, and overthinking, and starting from scratch again I’ve finally launched the beta version of it.
I’d love to get feedback from the community since I have not been able to get very many eyes on it yet.

Thanks so much!


This is a great looking site, very nice work. Lots of slick animations (especially loving the attention you gave to the project pages, those MALK color swatches are dope) and everything feels very cohesive. I only spent a minute looking at it on my phone and you did a pretty good job keeping a lot of that personality even on a touch-centered device.

You’ve got a bit of horizontal overflow happening, but it looks like your use of 100vw instead of 100% is most likely the culprit. Since 100vw doesn’t take into account the scrollbar, any page that is taller than 100vh will cause overflow.

The other thing I would adjust is the About section verbiage on the homepage to read in first person. Third person perspective tends to be less personal and you’re already speaking in first person across the rest of the site.

Otherwise nice job :+1:

Thanks so much @mikeyevin. Really helpful advice! I didn’t realize having sections set to 100vw would be problematic. Do I need to have a max width on the body in order to prevent overflow if some of the content within sections is larger than the viewport or is making the change from vw too % sufficient?

Also good point on the copy, I’ll definitely reword that.

No problem! It’s an issue that may not be noticeable if you’re on MacOS as I believe the default behavior in new versions is to hide the scrollbar completely unless the user is scrolling through a webpage or document.

If you have elements that take up more than 100% width, you’ll probably want to hide the overflow on their parent containers—however keep in mind this may cause issues with sticky positioned elements.

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