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Website feedback please

Hi folks,

First off this being my first “proper” foray into building a website (I’m a 3D visualiser, not a web designer - all the images under “honeybourne place” and “the brewery quarter” are CGI’s made by yours truly) I have to say what a joy it’s been to use webflow. Steep learning curve, but totally logical once you understand what’s going on and very helpful people on the forums, so thank you all.

I’ve got to a point with my website where I am reasonably happy with it, but I think some feedback from people would be great. My directors haven’t seen it this far along, yet, and the content is for the most part just placeholder stuff until they sign off on what they want to show on it.

What do you think? I’ve been toying with perhaps having page transitions (a simple solid colour swipe) or perhaps introducing some parallax movement, but I don’t want to overcook it and nor do I want to have to redesign the entire site just to introduce something like that haha.

Personally I’m unsure about the image carousel on the home page and I’m not sure why? Perhaps it’s the text positioning, or the size of it not being right… I don’t know.

All feedback is much appreciated.


Hi Macker!

:clap: WOW! You did an amazing job! Your bosses are going to be so pleased, especially when comparing to the old site. You got the filter system all working nicely too! :smile: I know how much hard work you’ve put into this so I hope your bosses recognise this.

There are only a couple of things I would suggest…

On the menu, can you change the option under Sectors to go across the page? There seems a lot of white space in that menu, maybe that was intended?

One other thing is the overlay text was not visible, maybe just add a subtle overlay so the text pops a little? I wouldn’t do text shadow as it’s nowhere else on the site.

I’d definitely have the Honeybourne Place image as the first image on the slider, far more impressive than the grey overcast Gloucestershire College image… or CGI some blue sky in!

Your 3D work is stunning also!


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Hey @Macker , Firstly fantastic work, love the simplicity of it. Feels clean and very effective.
And as @magicmark pointed out, filter section could be layed out a little more effective perhaps.
To me it would feel more with site style if the sectors would be horizontal rather vertical. Maybe with some icon style / images ? Other than that, I love it.

Really, great - clean work.

Really nice and clean, great job.

re. your point about the image carousel text: From my perspective I think you might be unsure because of how the text is left-aligned, yet in the centre. I think it would look more natural either centrally-aligned, or if you want to keep it left-aligned, then position the text further over to the left-hand side.

Hope that helps!

Thank you all ever so much for the feedback, it’s really helpful. Have already made some of the changes you guys have suggested and am planning a few more.

Do you guys think it would be worth having page load transitions so it “feels” as if you’re still on the same page, even though it’s taken you to a different URL? (I have no idea how to do this without breaking my page currently)

Not sure if page transitions to different urls are even possible in webflow, I looked into a similar thing once. I wouldn’t bother - might be overkill.

One final thing I’d suggest is increasing the line-height in the description here a smidge, as the leading is a bit too tight:


Page transitions to different URLs…do-able with a little custom code - as demonstrated in @Blaise_Posmyouck awesome site…

Plus @PixelGeek demonstrated how to integrate it here:

But…i’m kinda with @russellprowse - might be overkill as the site is nice and clean and does it’s job well.

Maybe page transition effect is something to keep up your sleeve if the feedback is that they want a little extra?


Thank you all for the feedback. I’ll leave out the page transitions for now then. Have added a small “scroll” animation that appears on first page load made with a couple of div blocks and interactions.

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@Macker really nice work on this. Love the simplicity and how easy it makes it to navigate and find what you need. Also love how you worked with images and text in each of the project pages, really puts the content in the foreground.

Nice job, keep up the good work!

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Hey @Macker,

First, great work, you’ve done well.
I like the layout on pages
I’m not sure i’m a big fan of the 100vh slider on the homepage, but i’m not a big fan of sliders in general :slight_smile:
Anyway, nicely done :webflow_heart:

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If we had enough good quality video footage, I’d like to replace the slider with a background video… But we don’t, yet. One day!

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That would be awesome :slight_smile: