New portfolio website 2017

Would love any feedback on this site – it’s my first major design and I am quite chuffed. Webflow seems excellent and I’ve really enjoyed using it and being in control of how a site works. #MadeInWebflow


Very clean and efficient, I like it.

Good job :slight_smile:

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i like it! clean and easy to follow.

one thing - there’s a horizontal scroll on the page that i assume you don’t want. I’m not sure which element or section is causing it but you probably want to investigate and see can you find it and fix it! Send a share link if you like and someone on here will probably find it for you!

Thanks Diarmuid – I’ll take a look at this horizontal scrollbar. It isn’t showing on my screen

i’m using chrome - on a windows 7 laptop - 15" screen

i checked firefox and it’s showing up there too so there’s something amiss somewhere!

best of luck on your search!

I think this is resolved now – it looks like it was because some of the widths were set to 100vw instead of 100%!!
Many thanks again

yep - you got it…

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Really like the icons you’ve used. Are they from a set or did you make them yourself?

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Thanks – I made them myself!

Love it!

One thing though. After the clear and bright white text the grey text hurts my eyes.

Thanks – I’ll look to change this…

Hello James,

Here is my spec for review of your website:
Google Chrome Browser Version 56.0.2924.76
Screen Res: 1360 x 768
Monitor: 32" Samsung LCD in 720dpi HDMI

Site review video: Here is my 2¢. 13 minutes, 29 seconds.
No Offense Intended. Hope it’s of some value.

Take care,

Thanks Brian for your feedback! no offence taken - some valid points!!! have a great weekend

You’re welcome, please do the same.

  • I like the site and colour choices. Clean easy to follow and read. Calming and polished.

  • I am still getting a H scroll on the tablet and H mobile screens.

  • My personal preference would be to speed up the title animations just slightly -maybe 25%.

  • I feel like I should be able to click on the items in the Skills and About sections. People may feel it’s unfinished (which it very well may not be and if so, please disregard.)

  • The gray font on the green is a bit tough on the eyes. I think that could be a problem especially for people with colour blindness concerns.

I like very much overall.

Thanks Matt for your comments – taken all on board!

Very nice website @jamescm. There’s a nice soothing feeling to it.

Can I just ask how you did that appearing top menu? I’ve tried doing this a couple times and never got it to work as smoothly as you did…