May 1st Folio Reboot - Would love feedback

Hey Webflow Community,

I was hoping to share my new portfolio with you all, looking for feedback and critique as I’m using some pretty experimental features, I’m really interested to see what people think.

Thanks all!

Feel free to open it in Webflow:

or visit it online:


Really nice interactions, the scrollbars on your projects are particularly nice, good work.

The navigation could be clearer though. When I looked at a project, I didn’t know how to return to the previous screen and only later noticed the nav in the bottom right of the screen.


Thanks @jamie_dunmore I’ll definitely add a back button!



Thank you @mattbrant1981 :smiley:

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this is me walking around in your site:


Haha! That’s brilliant @PixelGeek :smile:

Hey, nice work.
Found a little thingy. When clicking on the logo in the top right and the home in nav I’m redirected to the version of your site.
(edit: eh top right, I mean logo in the top left of course :grinning: )

Great thanks @jorn great catch :slight_smile:

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Wow wow wow, amazing :flushed:

The site preview of “De Kruijter Public Lighting” is not working. Is it only me ?



This is so awesome, congratulations @Aaron !!

Thanks very much @Blaise_Posmyouck :smile:

Live stream of me browsing through your site @Aaron, this is so beautiful, amazing work!

Would love to know how you did the drag and drop navigation :clap:


Very nice work but add a dropped event on your drag and drop so it don’t fire until you let go and you are all set with that.

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Ha! Thanks @waldo I appreciate it!

So I’m using Jquey & Jquery UI Draggable to handle the drag an drop side of things, then using the inbuilt Webflow interactions to handle all the sliding and shrinking… also using “onmouseover” data-attributes to launch the “href’s” which also have JS Time Delay on them… it’s been a massive challenge, getting it all so smooth :slight_smile:

You can open it in Webflow to see all the details, there’s a lot going on…

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