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My personal portfolio website

Hey guys, check out my personal portfolio site I built with Webflow :v:
I love this tool!


Nice and simple.

I like it!

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Straight to the point. Maybe in the foreseeable future can add more story telling to it. I know @PixelGeek has been mentioning about storytelling a lot, and I know for a fact that I get more intrigued (as an individual) to learn more of the person behind the scene when the site has a storytelling vibe to it.

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That’s a great idea, it’s something i’ve been planning to do in the subsequent updates.

Wow it looks great and it provides all the information someone needs to know quickly.

I really appreciated how fast it loaded, although the low quality of the pictures (I’m on a 1080p display) seem to take away from the experience.

I also think “A quick chat?” and “Some reading list” are inconsistent and difficult to read. They are inconsistent because of the punctuation and difficult to read because they are too light in color. Yet they stand out because of their unusually close placement to buttons. However the text is still nice because it balances the text and buttons (social media and Mail/Reading) among the panel. Still, you might consider eliminating the text or maybe replacing both lines with one sub-50 word description of who you are or what you love to do.

I would also recommend that you darken your tagline “Saving…” a bit. On my other display this is extremely difficult to read for having so much importance.

You might also create a pop-up form instead of using a mailto. And I love how you call your posts your “Reading List”. That’s unique and better than calling it a blog.

On the Reading List, you might want to darken that text a bit also, including your name. AND I LOVE the way you embed navigation into your portrait. That’s really cool.

Okay, by now Imma just say you might want to darken all of the light text. It’s just really hard to see on cheaper displays. In fact, on my other display the site looks much more minimal with no modularity. Just imagine the background being white instead of a light gray, hehe.

My last suggestion would be to have the link for each reading item to also include the thumbnail.

This is a great design and I love it. Good on you for making it. It feels well complete and properly encourages social media throughout the site with unique icons for everything. Way to go man, way to go!

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Some pretty great feedback, definitely implementing in my next update. That mailto, I debated so much, but you are right, a pop up form will be best and will keep users on the site for a longer period. Much appreciated!!

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