Would Love Feedback on My Updated Portfolio

Hey All,

I have just finished updating my portfolio and I would love some constructive feedback!

Thanks All

Live Site: http://aarongrieve.co.uk/

Webflow Project Page: https://webflow.com/website/Aaron-Grieves-Portfolio

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@Aaron Con grates on the lunch, looks great. Its always an epic challenge to do ones portfolio.

Only one thing I can see that may trip people up or maybe its a Bug but on http://aarongrieve.co.uk/portfolio-of-web-design when I hover over the projects it cuts off the text??

@daniel_cleayweb thanks mate! Yeah it’s never good enough when it’s your own portfolio.

Ok thanks for pointing that out its a bug, can you tell me what browser and os you’re using :slight_smile: thanks again!

No problems, i’m on l macOS Sierra version 10.12.1 Browser is Chrome Version 54.0.2840.98 (64-bit)

Very nice job and it is cool to see this project again, the hover effects are brilliant and the designs with the vertical lines are aesthetically sound. As you requested, here is some feedback:

  1. Your hamburger menu approach is very unconventional which is not bad in and of itself, however I will tell you that at first glance, I had no idea where to click in order to navigate the site. Maybe a small text above it pointing to it would do well, or some form of attention-grabbing animation.

  2. It might be good to have a slight white overlay on the navbar when you scroll down pages.

  3. This is based off a default expectation, but it would be useful to have your logo linked back to your homepage.

That is about it, there are definitely features about your site that are inspirational. It was also really neat to read that you have worked for the likes of Jimmy Eat World as well as Jason Mraz!

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Ah thanks @Webflame glad you like my site, means a great deal!

And thanks very much for the feedback, it’s exactly what I was looking for, I’m going to take it all on board :slight_smile:

And haha! I’ve never noticed that about Jimmy!?

I have the same problem as Daniel on the overview of the portfolio.

And to be honest that is the weakest point of your site :slight_smile: The rest looks nice!

  • The bug needs to be fixed
  • I would not cut the screens or do something else one the overview
  • And the menu button is a little hard to see.

And the thing to remember, we work with this, If I don’t see the menu button, I just take a quick look around. I guess I used 3-4 sec before I found it. But its not us you are making the website for, its for people who have no idea of how to make websites :slight_smile: So its important that its easy to use.

Love the layout in general!


I’ll echo a few things and bring up some others:

  • I wish the entry showed some work, like a logo or work to start creating interest right off the bat. I do like your implementation of parallax elements. Many designers are either heavy handed or don’t know how to use it. Nice job there. “I wonder what Aaron Grieve does for a living?” … said no one, ever. There is little doubt with that size text.

  • Not a fan of hamburger menus… especially on desktop and tablet. You have enough real estate to use a normal menu on both. Tablet menus only need 44px x 44px “tap” area. Re-engaging that hamburger icon every time to get to the next section is a functional issue.

  • No phone number on each page… you have the email address in the upper right corner… I’d like to see phone there too. This negates the need for a contact page, but I think it’s OK to have both, but I want “you” (prospective clients) to be able to contact me from any page in the site by any means.

  • Instead of just making the button clickable on the portfolio, why not just make the individual project section clickable? Makes the interface easier. The port feels a bit clunky too with the time it takes for the projects to load, but it’s not a deal breaker.

Just my 2¢. Nice job!

Google Chrome Browser Version 54.0.2840.99 m
Screen Res: 1360 x 768
Monitor: 32" Samsung LCD in 720 HDMI

Great job @Aaron
Best of luck

LOVE the menu :blush:

One note: The link to the live site on this page http://aarongrieve.co.uk/projects/stefan-scaini is wrong.