Workspaces, roles, and permissions - everything you need to know

@Reel_Me_Designs - You would need to get a workspace plan where you can add another designer to collaborate with you on your site. See the first post for links.

Can someone please help me figure out how come I can’t see Workspaces in my account and only “Teams”?

See video:

@DavidDL - You will have to wait for Webflow to migrate your account to a workspace. Webflow mentioned that it would take a couple of weeks about that time ago so maybe it will happen anytime, or they ran into issues. Communication is not their strong suite IMHO.

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Hi, I have a few questions:

  1. Is that different Workspace could have different sets of billing and payment info?

  2. I would like to confirm that a member of one Workspace will not have access to other Workspaces and sites inside, is it correct?

  3. Will a member of one of my Workspaces be able to see such Workspace is under a Webflow user account?

  4. Will a member be able to see the list or names of other Workspaces that my main Webflow user account owns?

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I am so disappointed by Webflow…

So in other words: PAY US MORE FOR THAT FUNCTION! Huh?!

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Any news on your “internal discussion”?!

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I am also concerned about this. I’ve been with webflow as a team user and now pro user going back to 2016. I work alone and this plan I’m being squeezed into has a whole load of features that I’m not going to utilize. It’s frustrating to say the least.

Can we please find some middle ground with a freelancer plan (essentially what we have now)?

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Wait, guys, you’ve said that Pro users will get a special code that can be used to bypass the Workspaces, basically, keeping the same price.

I did it, applied for the code, got it and used it — however, today I’ve got this notification ↓

What the heck? Am I being transitioned to Workspaces anyway?!


I also got this message! >:( :angry:

Hey @GeorgyDesign and @kainwunder every account is transitioning to the new workspaces, we’ve taken it even slower than the timeline mentioned originally as seen above. If you have trouble with your Pro discount or transitioning, please reach out to support direct.

One other thing to note with the banner in the Dashboard, you will see that also if teams you are part of need to transition. Gregory, I can tell by your screenshot that you are part of some teams which may need to transition as well. Click the Switch to workspaces button will ask you to select the account to transition and then walk you through the process.