Working with developers on published website

We are grant access for developers to work our main site.

We have Teams, CMS and Lite plans active and it now notifies us ”You can’t transfer a project with an active hosting plan. To continue, you’ll need to cancel your hosting plan.”

How can we invite the developer to work on our main website using Teams? We need them to access the main site to integrate and test Google Ads. We’ve contacted support for further advice.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Projects assigned to a team account need to have their hosting on the project in that team. So one way to do this is cancel the hosting on the project and then transfer the project to the team account. Once there add hosting. Contact Webflow support to have them credit any balance back to you. Once you move it to a team account you would have to leave it there or reverse the process again. I have heard (a post somewhere) that support was able to do this for you. Can’t confirm that. The process above I have used myself.

Would be nice if Webflow would fix this issue.


That sounds on the money Jeff. We’ll wait for a response from support before we move the project around. Also hope Webflow fix this issue, a great builder let down by its collaboration capabilities.

Thanks for your help.