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How to transfer paid site plans to another project?

I’m actually new to webflow, my client purchased a e-commerce site plan. The problem is They chosen a template for that project with the premium plan. I usually start from scratch, So I created a new project and started working on it, How do I transfer the premium plan only to the newly created project?

Welcome to the forum @Transcend_Healthcare. For this to happen, you would need to contact Webflow Support directly -

Hey, Thanks for the reply. And sorry for replying to you very late.
These kind of settings, we can do it on our own in wix editor.

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Fair enough, you can’t with Webflow unfortunately.

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I have the same problem,… hope we can do this ourselves soon

This is a real problem. I had to “cancel” my plan (that I paid for 1-year upfront) to be able to delete my first project that I published. It wasn’t a good project and I created an improved project that I wanted to replace the same site with. But now, I don’t have access to the paid-for plan. AND its glorious that this company has ZERO support than the same arrogant guy on 18000 basic videos. What do I do?

@John_Oommen - Unfortunately this is not the kind of thing the community can help you with. Open a ticket with support, detail what transpired in your submission. Support should be able to credit your hosting balance to a new project.

I lost four months on a client project transfer and just gave up myself as I did not have the time to try to work it out with support. Webflow should have a credit system where you can apply credits to any project you wish from project settings. They don’t and that sucks, nice videos aside.

If both projects are on your dashboard, you can copy and paste sections and elements between the two. I’ve done this in the past with clients who have prematurely paid for hosting on a project.