Transferring projects from Pro account to a Team account

So, I work a company who uses Webflow to host their website. In the past few months we’ve started to use the platform to create several websites for clients. We have now switched to a team account, but were under the impression that going over to a team account was essentially just upgrading from a Pro account, but with an extra person able to access. Turns out, that’s not how it works, and I’m now trying to figure out how to transfer our main website, which is hosted on Webflow, as well as 4 other projects (not yet published or hosted anywhere) over to this team account.

I understand that I can cancel the hosting under the Hosting tab under the websites settings, but would that get rid of our CMS items? We’re using two CMS items, one for a blog and the other for the company’s team members.

And just to be clear, once I cancel the hosting, I can move the site over to the team account, sign up for hosting again, and then publish the site and everything goes back to normal?

Has anyone had any experience with this?

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Yes, this is correct, you need to cancel the current hosting plan in order to be able to transfer the site.

No, your items, collections, design, etc will be there after the cancellation

Yes, you’re correct!

Hope this helps, you can always ask for support in the Webflow chat that shows on your hosting tab of your project.

Hi @aaronocampo ,

I’m in the same situation. What about transferring everything from pro account to team account and then canceling the pro account ?

Some websites on the pro acccount already have paid hosting for several months, will we be charged again for hosting ?

As an account owner for pro and team, I can’t remember if I have another login and password differentiated for both. What happens if I have two sets of credentials ?

Also, how come I’ve never been able to clone a project directly into the team dashboard? Everytime I try to clone something, If I clone it to the pro account, no problem, if I try to put it in the team dashboard I get a blank project.

TBH. A bit freaked out by this process.


I couldn’t agree more. This means downtime… just so I can add an admin to to my account.

This is indeed totally weird. Any SaaS business normally lifts barriers to make sure user adoption goes as smooth as possible. Webflow does the exact opposite :upside_down_face: Who on earth invented this??


This is really not a good process. Real bad! So I have just gone through the process of adding a new Team Plan $84 usd just to have a Dev have access to the site for 1 task and then I realised I had to cancel the current ecommerce hosting plan but I thought oh well thats fine Its the same cost roughly thinking that the team plan would replace the site host cost, but I have now transferred the site to the team plan and it is showing the site is on the basic free plan with all the domains disabled. So I have to also add the Ecommerce Plus hosting plan $74 usd on top of a team plan. So just to add one person to do a task its going to cost more than the site cost. It makes no sense is very very backward. I probably lost a month of prorata fees as well.


I couldn’t agree more. I’m just going through the same process, mark-joncheff.

The ability to simultaneously work on projects in a team (something that should’ve been there to begin with) was recently announced by WF as a big sensation. I thought, wow, finally! I can collaborate in real time. But not os fast…

I have a Lite plan under my name/billing, plus an ecommerce hosting plan. The latter I set up through the client (as I wanted them to be billed directly for hosting and the shop installed under their name, for obvious reasons).
I just did what I thought was adding team access to my Lite plan in order to add 2 team members so they can simultaneously work on the same project with me.
In reality it’s just one team member – unless you want to fork out more than $840 a year – and I’m not even sure yet if I’ll be able to switch that one seat between the two of them on occasion, or if that will cost me extra.
Turns out you can’t just upgrade your account and add team-ability to it. Nope.
I just realized that I have to transfer the project to the team account. It should be the reverse (adding teams to your projects, and not projects to your team) and seems rather complicated – but ok, fine. It doesn’t end there though. I find out that it’s not possible for me to just transfer my project with the hosting and ecommerce settings included to the team.
Makes no sense! I feel cheated!

So what do I do now?!
Have them working on a duplicate without shop/ecommerce/hosting and possibly even without the CMS binding settings, and then copy/paste things forth and back? If I do that, will the pasted elements adapt all the styles, classes, interactions, CMS and other settings?

Others must have the same issue.
How did you end up solving this? Or do you have a better work-around?
Please share! Thanks!

I don’t see a Webflow chat anywhere on the hosting tab of my project.
Can you direct me to it or/and add a screenshot?



Found the chat option, sorry.
Now communicating with WF support.
They confirmed that, for what I need, I’d apparently have to cancel the Ecommerce account first in order to move the original project over to the team, and then set up the Ecommerce plan (and possibly payment settings?) there again.
They work on improvements to the team plan, but doesn’t sound like there’s a solve on that list for that issue.

The only way for me right now seems to be to make a copy of the project and move that to the team account. I did that, but it doesn’t help. What’s simultaneously about having teammates working on different copies of the project? It’s complicated, time-consuming and prone to errors.

So please keep pushing and adding this to the wishlist!
It’s essential for many of us that this will be incorporated in one of the next updates!

Hi Rapha,
Since I posted above webflow released some new colab function, so this is what we are doing now.
So this is what I did: I canceled the project first transferred it to a team account and then resubscribed to the eCom plan, then I purchased an extra 2 seats, which cost as much as the site subscription…
But then I realised they couldn’t work on the site while I was working in it so we duplicated the site a purchased 1 month ecom sub so they could work on it any time.
This was another $84 USD but once the new colab feature came out which was only days after we had gone through all that, we realised I could be signed in at the same time as a dev which was new and great but we had to swap who was in control of the site. This was not a total solution but it’s workable.
So you can just swap designer mode when a dev is working and carry on making content edits to the site.
So I quickly canceled the duplicated site with its subscription as that wasn’t needed anymore.
Hope that helps.

Thanks, mark-joncheff, for sharing your solution. Appreciate it!

I thought about doing it that way. That’s also sort of what WF support recommended. But I’m hesitant to cancel and re-subscribe to the eComm plan as I would have to get the client involved for them to re-apply the payment method – it would come across rather unprofessional.
Plus, considering that this is my first real WF client project (low budget!), the price tag for everything seems to become a bit steep.
Since the collab is mainly about Javascript and custom code help, read-only may have to suffice for the time being.

Yeah I would do the same thing in your position just let someone else take your spot while they do what they need to do.