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Webflow Project Transfer

Hey! A freelancer has built our company website on his Webflow account and then transferred it to ours. We have now encountered a bug and we want him to fix it but we don’t seem to find a way to transfer back the project to his account.
Although we have a hosting plan it seems that we require another type of account plan (image below)! Any suggestions on how to sort this without having to give our account PW?

Thank you,


Screenshot 2021-02-15 at 20.32.01|685x425

Hey @margarida_jesus

In order to transfer projects an account plan is required.

Also when a project is transferred it cannot have an active site hosting plan. So your site would be down if you transferred as well.

If you want the developer to regularly assist, you could do one of the following:

  1. Setup a team and transfer the site there, inviting the developer as a member.

  2. Transfer the site permanently to the developer and pay him to host it.

  3. Give him your account (not recommended, as this is bad security and password management)

I hope that helps clear things up :+1:

Just figured I’d chime in here with a bit of feedback as a recent client project brought to light how clunky this process—especially as a developer working on a client project that’s already been created and is currently hosted. Any plans to improve this process in the future?

At the very least it would be great to be able to transfer sites around with hosting, so clients could go with option 2 in your suggestions (this is my preference as I’d prefer to have “the keys to the castle” when it comes to structural updates) and have the developer manage the project in their account with Client Billing for payment. Another option that mimics other platforms is giving Site plans X collaborator seats to fill with the option to limit permissions to only the Designer and certain Project Settings. I’d even be fine with this taking away one of the Editor seats (as I find I only need 1-2 for most CMS sites) which could extend to the Business plan as well (with 2 collaborators and only 8 Editor seats).

The cost of the team account and the fact that my client isn’t needing that functionality long term (he doesn’t work with a “team”—I’m the only developer) makes this a hard sell and currently transferring isn’t possible with hosting so no matter what there’s downtime involved—another hard sell. We actually opted for route 3 against my initial suggestions as all other options had major downsides—especially given the nature of the project itself.

Thankfully most projects “come in fresh” with my starting the build in my own account, but as more clients approach me with existing projects in their accounts I’m needing to have some awkward conversations about the process involved—not to mention unnecessary potential downtime. Just figured I’d throw the ideas out there :webflow_heart:

Thanks for the feedback @mikeyevin

We are always looking into the whole accounts/teams and transfer workflow to make this experience better.

I’ll pass on your comment to the team looking into that.

Thank you @Drew_Schafer, I actually had a look into it before asking but was hoping that would be another way around that I was missing.

I guess, I’m experiencing what @mikeyevin described for the first time and therefore I do agree with his feedback.

Nevertheless thank you again for the quick reply and clarification.