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Transferring paid hosting from one version of a site to another

On my webflow site I’ve had a freelancer helping me and twice I’ve had to cancel the hosting, disconnect the custom domain and then move it to a new hosting plan and reconnect the domain. I’ve checked on the forum but can’t find a better way around this – does anyone know if there is any way to do this more efficiently and not keeping disconnecting and rejoining a new hosting plan?

Is this a functionality Wenflow are considering in the future so that we can spin up drafts of sites and then transfer them (along with the hosting).

I know you could just publish to the webflow domain only (if you had a custom domain also set up) when using a freelancer. But if you are only using the webflow domain, there’s no way of “staging” the site for a freelancer / other team member to work on it, so it can be approved and then published live or transferred to your main webflow URL.

Having a staging / sandbox versioning functionality OR enabling us to transfer hosting to address this would be super helpful and I see that many other forum members are having the same issues……

Has anyone found a better work around for this issue?

Hi Jen! :wave:

While hosting transfers aren’t yet possible as a self-service option, if you reach out to customer support and request a hosting transfer, the fantastic folks there can do this for you, as long as the following points are true for your projects in question:

  • your projects are within the same individual account (it’s not yet possible to transfer hosting for projects that are located in a Team account)
  • each project requires the same tier of hosting

I hope this helps! :slight_smile: