Transferring a project with active hosting from individual account to Teams

I have a Webflow site that has been actively hosted for years. We now want to add that in to a Teams account so multiple people can edit and publish the site.

From my understanding, I have to:

  1. Cancel my existing hosting
  2. Transfer the project in to the Teams plan
  3. Add hosting and republish

Is this correct? Does cancelling hosting and waiting for the new hosting to apply mean the website will have downtime? Do we have to start a new hosting plan in addition to the cancelled hosting? Do we get a refund for the unused portion of the cancelled hosting?

I can’t find any official Webflow guidance on this. The only Webflow University guidance I can see shows a site without active hosting being transferred.


Yes. Some. Yes. If you contact support they should be able to credit the new account.


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Thanks for you help Jeff!

Dang I don’t understand why it has to be like this? For a site with a lot of daily traffic, having downtime is not going to fly. It’ll take at least an hour to duplicate a project, transfer it, then remove the DNS from the original and reactivate it on the new project inside the team’s folder. This also means all version history is lost.

The alternative also sucks – teams who work on the same project constantly bump each other out and we lose work. Slack threads are always asking “Hey anyone in Webflow right now?”. It’s annoying AF, but we deal with it because we can’t have our company site go down with this transfer to a team.

What’s the best solution here? Will Webflow always make us cancel hosting to switch a project from a personal folder to a team folder?

@distel - Until Webflow announces and delivers new features we are stuck with this as is. I for one chose not to role out Webflow as a primary solution for clients because of it. Preferring to use my other tools.

Sadly we’ve had to do the same. We’d love to roll Webflow out as our primary, but the teams transfer glitch and basic UX for developers is lacking too much. We convinced a client to make the switch to Webflow from Wordpress, going back to them with all of these ‘glitches’ and extra costs when with Wordpress any number of people can edit a website (for free) was just not possible. We’ve had to scrap the teams account and just host on personal account and allow access as required. Hopefully they change these things soon.