Working on a template but can't get one cms page to treat images seperatly

I am trying to create a simple portfolio site. Bought a template. Now am trying to edit the templates display of images and switch each image out for each “LP” My issue is when I add a Quick stack layout onto one of my templated pages the same image populates on every page. I need these image to display their own work for that project.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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The community will need your share link to investigate:

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I currently have two because I was going to start from scratch.

This one you can see the shared stack. Webflow - Shannon's website

Here is another: Hp is almost g2g but I messed up the links.

I see that you’re using a cms-driven website. It sounds like you might need each projects’ page to be unique, meaning that each project page will have some variation in the layout. Does this sound correct? If so, you may not need the portfolio pages to be connected to a cms template at all. Just a thought, but seems like your project pages can be “static”. Especially if this is a site that you’re creating for yourself and not for a client.
I don’t know your full intentions though, so I might be missing something.

Yes! that is correct! I didn’t totally know what CMS was. I opted for it just incase. Yes, this site is for myself. Its a portfolio site for my art work. Should I stay out of the CMS folder all together? I wasn’t sure how to bring the template that was created into a static page. Are you able to help though the shared link?

Dop yo have time to help me further? I need to know how to pick up the styles/layout from my purchased template page’s and make them a static page

Ok, cool. Having the site static will help save you money when you go live too. You’ll only need the basic plan.

To preserve the layout from the cms template pages, go to the template page you want to replicate and copy+paste “main wrapper” into a static page. See attached screen grab.

Disconnect the elements that are connected to the cms.

It doesn’t let me copy that “Main wrapper” I tried right clicking and command c

Do i have to create a container first?

Hmm. It should be as simple as Command+C / Command+V but you can also navigate to the browser’s “Edit” menu. I’ve always had better success when using Webflow in Chrome.

Says dynamtic items can only be moved with in the same collection list or pages

Once this does work, hopefully. I will need guidance on how to disconnect to elements that are connected to the cms

do you think this is fixable?

Are you able to help still. im so close to quieting and starting over with square space

Hey Shannon, Webflow has a bit of a learning curve- based on your questions you’re at the beginning and you’ll want to make good use of Webflow University. Watch the courses on the CMS, do the tutorial projects, etc.

Think of Webflow like Photoshop. It’s a lot more capability than most people can utilize. If that’s too much, Squarespace or Wix are more limited in design options but much easier to use.

All of this is well covered here-

and here-

You’re trying to move CMS-bound elements ( marked in purple in the designer ) to somewhere that they are not CMS-bound. You’d need to go through and unbind each first under settings- but before that you’ll want to think carefully about how these would work without the CMS.

I found a video for a work around incase anyone else runs into this issue. After three days of trying to figure it out. It isn’t supported in webflow and you have to trick the system. Creating multiple layouts for Webflow collection template pages - YouTube