Text and layout changes in one page get automatically transferred to another

Hello all,

I just started out in webflow and am struggling quite a bit with a template that I bought. I am creating my design portfolio and have the following issue:

I have a template layout for how each featured project’s individual page should look and the first project is already done. However, when I try to fill out the information for the second project (e.g change title, replace images, etc) all changes are automatically transferred to the first project. I have tried combo classes and unlinking from CMS without success.

Any and all help will be greatly appreciated!!

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Hi @Anna_Rumenova

Your design goal is not the norm. Most people use templates and the CMS capabilities of Webflow to ensure consistency across pages of the same type. e.g. product pages, case study pages, etc.

In Webflow terminology, these are referred to as CMS Collection pages. You might have one CMS Collection for products for example, and another Collection for blog posts.

Given what I understand of your goals, I guess you have the choice of:

A. Collating all your projects / portfolio items as a CMS Collection and then using wrapper IDs or other element IDs to apply styles unique to those IDs


B. Create static pages for each of your projects / portfolio items.

If you are on the free plan then option B may not work as you’re restricted to just two such pages. For paid plans it’s 150.

If the type of content that goes into your project / portfolio pages is quite uniform even if the styling is different, option A will likely prove more convenient. But otherwise, option B.

Does that make sense?

P.S. While I’ve been hacking the odd website for years, I’m also relative new to Webflow.

Thank you for your help @psheld. How can I convert the existing pages into static pages? Is that even possible or I will need to rebuild them?

It seems you’re not the first to ask, and it seems there’s no magical conversion option.