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Can't figure out how to unbind CMS link from work page

Oh boy, I REALLY need some help.

I have a purchased template that came with a CMS project section. I decided to make my project pages from scratch, but I’m still using some of the categories within the CMS project for photo placement and I think animation on the home page and work page. However, I cannot figure out how to link each project block out to the new pages I created (Project 1 and My Portfolio Website) or unbind from the CMS. I’m scared to make a move without messing everything I’ve done so far up.

Right now, they’re all linking to the same project.

Really appreciate it if anyone can help me out! Cheers.

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Hi there, the ‘normal’ Webflow way would be to use the Projects Template at the bottom of your Pages panel to present your individual project details on.

If – for whatever reason – you want to show project details on static pages, you can:

• add a Link field to the collection
• add the URL for the associated static page to each collection item
• In the Link Settings panel, connect the Project Link element to the Link field of the collection, instead of setting it to the Collection page.

Would look something like this, where “Link to this destination” is the name of the Link field that was created in the collection.

Screenshot 2021-06-01 at 16.04.34

Hey there,
Thank you SO much this was a huge help- wow. I really appreciate it :).