Images not linking where I want them to

Hello all,

I’m using a template to design my UX portfolio on Webflow and I’m having trouble with some of the links in the CMS. I want the images on the homepage to link the the case study pages of the same name, rather than a CMS page. I was able to get the “see this project” buttons to link accordingly by adding switch fields and creating new buttons, but the same doesn’t seem to be working for the images. Any help is appreciated, and please let me know if you need clarification on anything.


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@LandryT - I guess I’d ask why you aren’t using the CMS page for your projects? I believe you might be missing the purpose of the CMS.

In this scenario, you are doing all of the work of building CMS items for your projects, but only using that on the home page of your site. Generally speaking, setting up CMS items allows you to re-use content on multiple pages across your site and adjust the layout.

For example, you could use the data in each CMS item to feed both the work preview on your home page and each project page, that way you only have to manage that project in one place, but it is feeding data on multiple pages of your site.

Does that make sense?

Yea kind of. The only reason I’m using CMS instead of static pages is because of the template is using it for a project showcase rather than a case study, and also there are content fields in some of the case studies that are not in others. If I can format the CMS pages similar to the case study pages I would gladly do that.