Switching plans + Some venting + Do you want to CRUD?


I’ve been on a team plan since we started with Webflow, but since my partner recently left, do I have to switch to a personal plan? The pricing page states that you have to have min. 2 users for the team plan, but we closed his account under a month ago and I haven’t gotten any notifications or anything. Will I still be charged for two accounts? I would like to continue the team plan so I don’t have to move every project over to a personal account, and back to a team plan again (hiring someone in near future).

First time I actually need some answers quick, and I have to say it’s a bit annoying I have to ask financial/account questions in a forum… Just made a quick rundown, and we’ve spent $4 300 since we started 18 months ago. I think that deserves 10 min of customer care.

Also, I was super excited when I got an email for signing up to the workflow/functions beta program, but haven’t heard anything after that. Have anyone else heard anything?

If someone at Webflow is reading this, I just want you to know that since the start, we(now I) are using a lot of different tools and are constantly trying to upgrade our stack. Webflow has been the only tool I’ve not looked at a replacement/upgrade for. But that has changed unfortunately. I know I’m not the biggest customer, but 10 min support and following up with a confirmation on a beta program for $4.300 over 18 months sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

Since I love the editor, I honestly hope I don’t find a replacement before you start rolling out new features. Because it doesn’t make sense from a business perspective to continue.

Btw. if anyone’s interested. I managed to do some basic CRUD operations in collections using jquery and API or Zapier. I’ve never made a template or tutorial, so if anyone wants to do that I can explain the process.

Hi mate,

dunno if it is any worth to you, but i am alone and have the professional plan.
Have a good look at the plans, everything there explains what it is. Ok, in a rather confusing way, but still.
Good luck!

Yeah, I would just switch to the professional plan if that didn’t mean I have to transfer all the projects now, and then back again when I need a team plan. I don’t know how it works with the sites with active hosting either.

Ok, I am assuming now, but since the Team Plan and the Individual Pro plan are the same, in an ideal world they should be converted. Maybe @Jiaona_Zhang can eleborate on this.

Be aware that Webflow - kind of - abandoned the forum and thus help to customers. Hopefully they resopond here :raised_hands:

Seriously? Jeez… I haven’t been paying that much attention to the drama going on, but I didn’t realize it was this bad.

When a project is in a team and hosted you would need to cancel hosting, move it to another account (like your Pro or Lite) and spin hosting back up. There is no seamless way to move projects back and forth. So you are pretty much jailed into paying for your team account when it is just you. It is a terrible model. As long as no projects and other members are in the team plan you can stop paying. It will still exist so you can start using it again but the whole cancel hosting to move a project is a very serious shortcoming. I for one won’t consider Teams again until Webflow fixes this and adds role based access control.

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I thought so. I appreciate you replying though👌

Do you mind me asking if you know of any decent alternatives to Webflow? I think I’m done, at least for now. There is a limit for how flexible a customer have to be to use a paid service.

If you are working on client sites in the EU, I suggest taking a healthy look at the sitejet.io offering. Sitejet.io sites are hosted in Germany, and they offer superior collaboration and management features compared to Webflow. Multi-language is supported, and they are GDPR compliant. They may be spinning up cloud infrastructure in the US soon. Lots of parity in other features.

I have lots of choices because of my skills, so I can choose from many products and solutions I am comfortable using. Webflow is starting to feel more limiting than it has. I have a mental checklist for Webflow sites. If the client needs stuff that is not on the list, I quickly rule it out. I am not a big fan of Frankenstein builds, where you have to cobble ten things together to meet the site requirements. Too much finger-pointing, and when one player changes what they support, then you are often stuck.

Honestly, your skillsets define choices. NOCODE sounds great until you realize that you need code to accomplish many things. Just look at the forums for proof.

If you want to bounce stuff off me, feel free to do it in a DM.

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