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Account and site plans for small design agency

I own a design agency (we figure out all grapthic/company look related problems for our customers, no matter what’s the problem) and we’re trying to extend our abilities to website design.I’m newbie in webflow ecosystem so please bear with me.
I wonder what should I buy to get the functionality I have in mind.

Cause of my question:
So far I have a client who would like us to design their website but export it to their own server. I think that’s doable with account plan and hired IT/website expert to fix those simple forms that will not work after export.

My idea of how it works after reading site and account plans description:
For those types of clients I would have to buy an account plan and one site plan which I could transfer between projects when there will be more than one. The site plan would work as a workbench on which we’ll design the site and export it outside when it’s done. Then we’ll “move it to the archive” by unassigning the site plan from this project and assigning it to the other one.

The functionality I’m not sure how it works:

  1. Can I assign site plan to whatever project I want and switch it to other at any time?
  2. Should I buy more site plans for multiple projects like this one above or the switching is effortless enough to get by on only one additional site plan? I already have one site plan for our website, but that should be always assigned to it if I want it to stay online.
  3. If someone would like to use webflow as hosting service is there a way to fully transfer project to their account?

Thanks a lot for your time!

First off, you need a pro account to export any site. You also need a pro account to transfer a Webflow site to another account. I’d also recommend simply using Webflow as your CMS as it’s extremely powerful and you’ll likely save tons of dev time just learning it and building your sites and hosting them completely on Webflow. That being said, don’t jump into Webflow lightly, spend at least 100-200 hours extensively learning Webflow before delivering Webflow sites to clients. I can’t tell you how many times I have clients coming to me from agencies that built their Webflow sites poorly due to inexperience where I have to rebuild them completely. It isn’t a good look for the platform. You really want to practice a ton and really understand the platform. I recommend the university website from Webflow along with perhaps Good luck!

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I’m sorry, but I believe I didn’t explain myself that well.
In short:

  • I am a guy with money and 8 years of graphic design experience (5 of which are on freelance and later on design agency I created).
  • I want to make this work by spending the money. That said, I can hire experienced developers that would do that for me for this project. Later on I want to hire someone and/or learn Webflow a little more to be able to partially do it myself.
  • I want to invest in this platform, because it seems for me to be easy to manage and supervise over developers I hire.
  • I don’t know where to put my resources to get the effect I am looking for. That’s why my questions at the end were so crucial.

As it comes to the experience of me and my team: 2d, 3d, marketing, branding, automatised graphic systems, programing in various languages and probably many more. One thing we are missing is web development. Up to this point I always outsourced it with different companies, but I want to expand our abilities to keep everything inside of the company.

Thanks a lot for the course, I saw it earlier and I’m willing to buy it in few weeks.
Also thank you for your time :slight_smile: I appreciate the help!

I guess I misunderstood. if you are looking to hire Webflow developers, I can move this thread to the freelance category if you’d like.

No, no :smiley: Sorry, maybe I’m hitting language barier here.

I wanted to know if:
When I buy a side plan, can I assign it to one project and then unassing it at any time?
I want to make one site plan as a place to design various clients who want their pages hosted on their current hosting solution. After designing job is over I want to unassign the site plan and assign it to other project. It will be sort of temporary hosting service provided for the client untill we finish the job.

Site plans can be added monthly. But you can have 2 unheated sites on an account for free with the ability to use the stating on subdomain.

If you need to host a site, you can do so on a monthly basis and take it off the site at any time.

Ah, that’s how it works. I get it now!
Thank you for all your time, you really clarified everything to me. You are doing wonderful job here :slight_smile:

Have a great day!