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Woocommerce checkout cart within Webflow site

Hi there,

my client got an invitation from Stripe to be in the beta test stage for the Czech Republic. But this beta is only supported for Woocommerce. Is there a possibility that we use our Webflow build e-commerce site and embed the checkout cart of Woocommerce when the customer wants to pay the goods?
A while back we managed to integrate the checkout cart of Shopify on the site. But we deactivated that option again, because of certain business reasons.


Wouter Kooij

Not possible. You need wait until an integration is available or use a third party card that has one already. Check out for example.


Thank you for this fast reply!

That’s a shame and its interesting that it is possible with Shopify, but not with Woocommerce.

Maybe @foxy can help us out?

Hi @wouterjesse.
Nice to meet you! Has it been confirmed that the Stripe improvement is only for WooCommerce users? That would be strange, but if it is the case, then Foxy won’t be able to help. Really no platform will be able to.

You can tie Foxy into WooCommerce (ex: for product management), but the orders would be going through Foxy, not WooCommerce. So you’d be back at square one. Please let us know and we’ll be happy to look into it.


Hi Josh,

Yes my client spoke with Stripe and they say its now only for Woocommerce users.

Hi @wouterjesse.
Gotcha. Looks like WooCommerce is your only option right now if Stripe is the gateway you want to use. Let us know if anything changes. We’re happy to help.