Integrating woocommerce with webflow?


Is it possible to use woocommerce for Webflow? I found this bookingsystem,, that I would like to integrate with webflow.

I have search online, some articles say that it is possible to integrate woocommerce with webflow, but not how…

Any good idea from you brilliant types out there?

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You have to convert the project to WordPress to use woocommerce, you can’t host on webflow

Hi @Maja_Veis.
Josh with Foxy here. Depending on your specific needs, our seamless Webflow integration might be worth looking into:

  • Sell anything in Webflow (products, bookings, services, etc.)
  • Manage products/booking options with CMS
  • Block out booked dates/times from other customers (may require Zapier or Make)
  • Embed a customer portal
  • Connect to 100+ gateways
  • and more!

Feel free to send us details on your use case and needs and we’ll do our best to get you pointed in the right direction:


Hi @foxy

Thanks for the suggestion.

Will I need to add stripe (or similar) transaction fee to the price?


Hi @Maja_Veis.
Correct. Our pricing does not include gateway fees. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any follow up questions: