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Webflow e-commerce/shopping cart functionality

Hey Guys

Dooes anybody know how we can integrate a shopping cart with web flow?


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Hi, one option that can be used is to embed a cart, such as ecwid:

There you can create complete ecommerce solution, and embed to your webflow site, via html embed widget…

This is just one vendor as example…


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Hi @mattmcs, Paystand is also an option. They have a good guide on how to perform the integration:

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I’ve been successfully integrating the DPD ( checkout experience with the site I created (and hosted) in webflow. They are specialised in digital downloads but their services also work for normal products, as far as I know. I assessed lots of products, DPD is the one that I favoured for a number of reasons: they make the pricing very clear, provide demos, the product is user friendly, with lots of features, very affordable and they have a great customer service (unlike ecwid, that costs a lot more and does not offer any support if you don’t buy one of their expensive subscriptions).

It’s possible to add it to a page created in Webflow by using the embed code widget, and that’s great news because 1) you can apply styles to it as with any other widget 2) you don’t need to export and edit the HTML code 3) you can use your own graphic for the button, just get the URL from the ‘Assets’ panel in Webflow, and if you want, you can even assign a hover state (I did it by modifying the transparency). If you want to make it work using the lightbox effect, you need to add the following to the button of the code for the ‘Buy now’ button generated by DPD:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

and it works wonderfully!

For a list of products that work with Webflow, check out this thread that @AlexN has created:


I support this wishlist, and very much appreciate you digging out this thread. Great stuff!

Guys come on! Develop integrated e-commerce functionalities in Webflow, it’s what I’ve always wanted. It’s the only thing stopping me from starting my own online shop. If it’s not in Webflow then I don’t wan’t to make it. I don’t want to export the code and use external tools, it over complicates things and that’s just not your style. Your tool is the best there is, and I can’t wait to see what is waiting for you guys in the future.


+1 for a simple shopping cart / online store. It would be awesome and make webflow again more attractive for a whole new section of clients. :smile:


Agreed, man. Webflow has the best CMS — why must I be forced to duplicate the entire CMS on a third party site??!

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What’s up guys,

Franck from Snipcart (HTML/JS-based shopping cart platform) here. We recently played around with Webflow a bit and were quite impressed by the platform. Since a lot of WF users have asked us for help & guides to integrate Snipcart with Webflow, we decided to create a cool demo post. Thought some of y’all might enjoy/find it useful, so here:

Webflow E-Commerce: Add A Shopping Cart To Your Site In Minutes - Snipcart

Would love to get your feedback. Myself and the whole team are also available for any related questions!

Cheers! :slight_smile:

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My name is Ben and I help with product research here at Webflow. We’ve been thinking a lot about how we can build an Ecommerce platform inside Webflow. We’d love to get your input on what you think we should tackle first.

Help us decide by filling out this quick survey:


This is a must have for webflow!! Ecommerce with the ability to manage inventory and for the clients to process payments for different type of goods. (Physical, Digital, Services, Booking). Also having their own ability to manage their own customers and self-service account access for end-users via white-label CMS.

I’d also suggest adding worldwide payment processing capabilites via Paypal + Braintree, Stripe for USA, 2CheckOut and PayU for the Rest of America and something like Skrill for Europe.

Another thing is not charging on a Per Transaction basis on top of the Merchant Fee like.That extra 2% is a killer for any business.

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Kill the fee on top of the Merchant fee! and people will fall in love with your amazing product!

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@Georganix Just to make sure I understand correctly: you’re referring to our 2% commission on top of the payment gateway fees? You’d suggest replacing that with a flat fee or? Because “killing” it completely would also mean we can’t keep developing the product & growing/surviving as a business hehe.

Hi @Georganix.
This is Josh from Foxy. You may be interested in our cart offering/pricing: Let me know if you have any questions.


I have an idea…

Webflow does a Kickstarter - tell all its’ users that it needs the funding for an ecommerce platform - and boom, everyone contributes because we all know time is money and messing around with third party platforms is a waste of time!

I have to agree with everyone else. Choosing an ecommerce platform is like a bad marriage.

I started on Ecwid ( It takes a LOT of time to upload products and descriptions and what not…) and now I want to switch to another platform - but I am hesitant because I keep believing Webflow will do the right thing and integrate ecommerce in the near future - so I am trying to tough it out w/ Ecwid.

Wouldn’t it be easiest for Webflow to integrate w/ stripe functionality in the backend?

You guys are the best - and I can’t wait for you to get better!

We definitely hear you on Webflow offering ecommerce natively, but unfortunately, it’s just not that easy. There is so much to build out and consider: product types, variants, taxes, shipping, coupon and discounts, etc. Not to mention security and PCI compliance.

Fortunately, Foxy offers a platform integration via our hypermedia API that would allow Webflow to add native ecommerce functionality built on top of our platform and years of ecommerce experience and work.

We have been in talks with the Webflow team about this, but nothing is concrete… yet. @Syndicate15 started a voting poll for native Foxy ecommerce here: Poll: Native Foxy eCommerce...Vote! Please vote if that’s something that interests you.

For what it’s worth, we’ve had Webflow users switch from Ecwid, Shopify, and Snipcart to Foxy to handle their Webflow ecommerce.