Intergrate creditcard payment without Stripe

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I build an e-commerce website for a company in Czech Republic. Now Stripe is not supported in this country. Is there a way to make an integration with another party for just the payment abilities for credit cards?

What I’m looking for is a way that I don’t have to change the design and the order process of the website.

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Wouter Kooij

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@wouterjesse sure! There are lots of options, I don’t know if/what options there are locally to the Czech Republic but internationally there’s Shopify, E-Junkie, etc. There are American options like gumroad but I’ve found them all too limited for use within the EU in terms of things like displaying taxes. Foxycart is on the forum but last I heard they were still working on their VAT display options. For business to consumer, at least in Belgium, it’s customary to display the VAT as it’s included in the price.
So the customer sees the full price and is also told how much of that total price is VAT. Rather than the VAT added after a person adds the item to the shopping cart.
Any shopping cart that fits your needs in terms of things like VAT and shipping works, as long as they have an embedable buy button .
That way it’s super easy to integrate with the webflow CMS. There are instructions for shopify on the wf university but they apply to all shopping carts .
If you built a website using the e-commerce then you’ll have to convert to the CMS as far as I know.

Hi Sarah, thank you for the info. I was looking at some of the options that you mentioned.
About the integration with Shopify. In order to be able to use this in full effect I need to add all the products also to the Shopify CMS and then link them to the CMS of Webflow?
I was hoping for a solution that I only have to add the products in Webflow and use a payment gateway of another party. That the costumer can select the products and webflow shows the end price which is being paid through the third party service.

Hope you understand what I am looking for.

@wouterjesse yes, that would involve using the built-in e-commerce and that doesn’t support a third-party gateway yet. I do hope that’s something they’ll look into since there are so many different options that people want to use inside the EU.
With any of these shopping cart systems you would have to add them to that system as well. That’s the only way the cart knows what items to display, how much they cost, shipping etc.
I wonder if @foxy has a solution for this? Also, Foxy, where are you at with the VAT? Are you able to display it the way B-C customers are used to (included in the price) yet?

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Thank you for you info and help. I will take a look at Shopify right now. @foxy was also a service I looked into. So I wonder what they have to say.

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@sarahfrison - I’m not for sure where we’re at on that, but I’ll check with the team.

@wouterjesse - Please let us know if we can help with anything.


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@sarahfrison Thank you for your patience while I checked with the team on VAT updates. Tax inclusive pricing isn’t available yet. You can either do tax exclusive pricing, or there’s a workaround to calculate what the included taxes are, but it won’t be actually reported separately in the Foxy dashboard. Hope this helps some.


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@foxy ah, shame to see this isn’t implemented yet. Kinda important for EU customers.

Hi @sarahfrison.
I wish taxes were that easy, but that’s not the case unfortunately. Our team is working on improvements. Please let us know if we can help with anything in the future.


@foxy I certainly didn’t mean it’s easy :slight_smile:. It’s the way it’s got to be for people with EU clients. At least in B to C. It’s what shoppers are used to seeing and, in Belgium at least, it’s the way it legally has to be displayed for b/c.

@sarahfrison Agreed. Thank you for your patience while we get a solution for this.

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