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Stripe beta payment system for Czech Republic

We build an e-commerce website for one of our clients here in Czech Republic. Stripe is not officially supporting CZ, but our client got an invitation from Stripe to be part of their beta for CZ. Although this beta is not yet providing support for Webflow. They are supporting Woocommerce. So I’m guessing there must be a solution to integrate this Stripe beta for the e-commerce website of our client.

Is this a crazy guess? Or can it be possible?

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I have the same problem, but I live in Brazil. I got a Stripe account and I’m part of their preview in Brazil, because of that, they DO support my country. However, Webflow seems to unrecognize this information and does not allow me to enable my checkout by using my Stripe account.

Please Webflow Team, you need to work closely to your partners and catch up with their latest information. Please, allow Stripe preview countries to work on your platform, it’s all up to you guys.

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@wouterjesse, @philipeabner Great news! You will now be able to connect your Stripe account with a business address based in Czech Republic or Brazil.