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Wix Code Vs Webflow

Just saw this on Product hunt, looks interesting. https://www.producthunt.com/posts/wix-code

I personally have always loathed Wix but competition breeds better outcomes for us :slight_smile:
Has anyone had a play with the Beta?

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That looks pretty cool. Would probably make these types of webapps easier to create http://mrtok.com/test

I’ll sign up for beta and look around.

I think Webflow cannot be directly compared to Wix Code, as one is a UI design tool, and one is for developing rich web apps.

Yes I totally agree, plus when I look at their demo websites they are so bad, not even responsive?? https://www.jetbite.net/?from=Sydney&to=New%20York%2C%20NY

What could be great is if Webflow can make some of this happen in Webflow, for making web apps

I never liked wix before, perhaps because I thought it was too basic and did not give me the freedom the change the layout as I want it. Nevertheless last week, I received a quote request to redesign a hotel website and found out that wix has everything I need (reservation motor, payments, etc) I will give wix code a try. I love webflow, but sometimes I feel tied up for the lack of web apps or the ability to create them on webflow.

relevant: https://youtu.be/Teg7JCH8s9g?t=673


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